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  1. Acceptat. trimite-mi un mesaj cu categoriile dorite. T/c.
  2. Affiliate benefits: I.1 - Full access to your category + attribution of a degree, namely "Affiliates". I.2 - If the server is populated you can get benefits in your category. I.3 - Permanent channel on TS3 + Grad Manager Server. Affiliate model: Desired name: IP & port: Game mode: Want CloudFlare protection?: Link GameTracker: Regulations: Paragraph I: I.1 - You must comply with the rules imposed on the entire forum! I.2 - You must be the rightful owner of the server, no requests from an admin! I.3 - Once your affiliate application has been accepted you must change the name and advertisement on the server! Paragraph II: II.1 - You must add the server to the community clan (https://www.gametracker.com/clan/goldstars.ro/) II.2 - Coming in and out of the fast community will add the server to the list of prohibited ones! II.3 - Once the affiliate application has been accepted please send the PM to a Supervisors to create the desired categories on the server.
  3. ¤ Nume[/nickname]: NeRv0s3 ¤ Vârsta: 19. ¤ Țară: Morocco ¤ Ocupatie: universitate. ¤ O scurtă descriere despre tine: destul de simplu, un om căruia îi place să ajute. ¤ De unde ai aflat de GoldStars: @raulikes; ¤ Jocuri preferate: momentan, cs/ apex legends. ¤ O poză cu tine (optional): -
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