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  1. Acceptat, sa im dai mesaj pe ts [ Catalin ].
  2. Acceptat. Te rog sa im dai mesaj pe TeamSpeak.
  3. Respins. Limbajul tau lasa de dorit prea mult.
  4. Au fost schimbate toate gradele de pe server!
  5. *Name on the forum: Cont Uplay Developer *This product is put on sale : Da *Product description: Cont Uplay Developer, full. *A way to pay: paypal/bank transfer / paysafecard / sms *Price: 1500 -> 50 euro* *Contacts: ts3 forum *Other specifications: Are toate DLC-urile + skinuri speciale pe toate jocurile existente. *Proof product (ss): https://prnt.sc/sm25u7 https://prnt.sc/sm25zd https://prnt.sc/sm2650 https://prnt.sc/sm26a4 https://prnt.sc/sm26fn https://prnt.sc/sm26m9
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