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  1. Acceptat, sa im dai mesaj pe ts [ Catalin ].
  2. Acceptat. Te rog sa im dai mesaj pe TeamSpeak.
  3. Respins. Limbajul tau lasa de dorit prea mult.
  4. Acceptat Helper in teste.
  5. Au fost schimbate toate gradele de pe server!
  6. *Name on the forum: Cont Uplay Developer *This product is put on sale : Da *Product description: Cont Uplay Developer, full. *A way to pay: paypal/bank transfer / paysafecard / sms *Price: 1500 -> 50 euro* *Contacts: ts3 forum *Other specifications: Are toate DLC-urile + skinuri speciale pe toate jocurile existente. *Proof product (ss): https://prnt.sc/sm25u7 https://prnt.sc/sm25zd https://prnt.sc/sm2650 https://prnt.sc/sm26a4 https://prnt.sc/sm26fn https://prnt.sc/sm26m9
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