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  1. TH3O


    You are at wrong website , forum. watch screenshots there is right forum address !
  2. TH3O

    Cerere Admin

    accepted. pm nick si pw. T/C
  3. TH3O

    [Giveaway] Steam CD Key

  4. TH3O

    Cerere Kicked

    ACCEPTED pm nick si pw.
  5. TH3O

    (plugin) FrostNades

    Description: This addon turns your grenades into frost grenades. When hit by the blast, you have a large chance to be chilled, reducing your movement speed, and a smaller chance to be frozen in place completely. The closer you are to the center of the blast, the higher your chances are of getting chilled or frozen. The frost grenade also deals minimal damage. Cvars :. fn_enabled (default 1) - toggles the plugin. fn_override (default 1) - if set, frost grenades override your regular grenades. otherwise, you have to type /fn or /frostnade to buy one. fn_nadetypes (default 4) - controls which grenades can be frost grenades. 1 = flashbang, 2 = HE grenade, 4 = smoke grenade — add the numbers together for multiple grenade types. fn_teams (default 3) - which teams are allowed to buy/use frost grenades. 1 = T only, 2 = CT only, 3 = both teams. fn_price (default 300) - how much a frost grenade costs, if not using fn_override. fn_icon (default 1) - controls when the snowflake icon is shown. if set to 1, it is show when you own a frost grenade. if set to 2, it is shown when you are chilled or frozen. if set to 0, it is never shown. fn_limit (default 0) - if set above 0, you can only buy this many frost grenades per life, if not using fn_override. fn_buyzone (default 1) - if you have to be in a buyzone to buy a frost grenade, if not using fn_override. fn_color (default "0 206 209") - the RGB color of the frost grenade. set this to "team" to use the color of the team of the player who threw it. fn_by_radius (default 0.0) - if set above 0.0, frost grenades work slightly differently. they will always chill you, and will always freeze you if you are at least this percentage close to the blast. ie: set this to 60.0, and you will always be frozen if you are at least 60% from the edge of the circle to the center. suggested by X-olent. fn_hitself (default 1) - if a player can be hit by his own frost grenade. fn_los (default 1) - if a player has to be in the line of sight of a frost grenade to get hit by it. fn_maxdamage (default 20.0) - damage dealt to a player at the center of the blast. fn_mindamage (default 1.0) - damage dealt to a player at the edge of the blast. fn_chill_maxchance (default 100.0) - chance that a player at the center of the blast will get chilled, if not using fn_by_radius. fn_chill_minchance (default 100.0) - chance that a player at the edge of the blast will get chilled, if not using fn_by_radius. fn_chill_duration (default 7.0) - how long, in seconds, the chill effect lasts. fn_chill_variance (default 1.0) - the variance in how long the chill lasts. e.g. if duration = 7.0 and variance = 1.0, it can last anywhere from 6.0 to 8.0 seconds. fn_chill_speed (default 60.0) - the percentage of regular speed that a player moves while chilled. fn_freeze_maxchance (default 110.0) - chance that a player at the center of the blast will get frozen, if not using fn_by_radius. fn_freeze_minchance (default 40.0) - chance that a player at the edge of the blast will get frozen, if not using fn_by_radius. fn_freeze_duration (default 4.0) - how long, in seconds, the freeze effect lasts. fn_freeze_variance (default 0.5) - the variance in how long the freeze lasts. e.g. if duration = 4.0 and variance = 0.5, it can last anywhere from 3.5 to 4.5 seconds. Download: amxx & sma file: click Name plugin: FrostNades Version: 2.14 Installation: 1)put frostnades.amxx to cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins 2)put frostnades.sma to cstrike\addons\amxmodx\scripting 3)add plugin to plugins.ini. cstrike\addons\amxmodx\configs/plugins.ini open plugins.ini and write the plugin "frostnades.amxx" . Photos (obţional): -
  6. TH3O


    Make new request after 7 days later. when you have enough reason and you are ready for become admin.
  7. TH3O

    (Actions Admins) FURIEN.GOLDSTARS.RO

    Accepted. You will become (Leader) Grade. pm me.
  8. TH3O


    Your reason not enough.
  9. TH3O

    Admin Request

    ACCEPTED. pm nick +pw.
  10. TH3O

    Request Admin

    without GameTacker.com link can't accept , You must post your played hours with proofs. No reply .
  11. TH3O

    Request Admin

    Facebook ,gameTracker link required
  12. We are looking for administrators! FURIEN.GOLDSTARS.RO ! So the first 5 to complete the next model will become admin! 1. first comment. (Leader Grade) 2. DIAMOND MEMBER 3.PLATINUM MEMBER 4.GOLD MEMBER 5.ADMINISTRATOR Model . Real name: Age: (must be over 15) How we can contact you? (FB,DISCROD) Will you help with a donation / boost ?: Did you read server rules?(whats our code) Required steam on!
  13. TH3O

    Unban Request

    wrong forum !
  14. TH3O

    (Prezentare) SOSOA

    Welcome 🙌🏼

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