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  1. Haddad

    reclamati Fan*jaf and PK

    lmao , for real ? and please explain to me mr libra whats the reason for the permanent ban ? maybe you need to go read your own rules again ? i see founders till now didnt say anything ! they like to cover there admins or something or because im not romanian , i can see why PK said go make complain you will enjoy , he knows that founders here do nothing and will make his admins always right ?
  2. Nick: Haddad IP:--- Data / Ora: few minutes ago Numele adminului/player reclamat: fan*jaf , PK Motiv: lbj ,gag , kick , ban Dovada(SE ACCEPTA DOAR PRINTSCREEN): i was playing , then a player got slayed and he was wondering why he got slayed so i told him maybe because u rush, then " i said guys tell your founder to make it a free game its better" it was a suggestion i dont see any kind of an insult in it unless this server is too dictator and dont like opinions that much, then the noob admin Fan*jaf told me to shut up , i told him you shut up so he gaged me 10 minutes , he can tell players to shut up but players cant reply him you shut up??????? because he has no reason to say shut up what kind of bullshit is this ???? i told him i will make reclamati if he didnt remove the gag because he doesnt have any right , and they kicked me out of server twice after this !!!! then admin PK gave me the forum link and told me go make complain u will have fun , hes making fun that complain will not do anything ???? i mean if your admins are 10 years old , im fuckin 32 years old , i have no time for stupid kids to come tell me to shut up and then kick me out of the fuckin server and then ban me 2 hours !!! i was a founder for a Romanian server as well and i know the damn rules more than these stupid kids ,hope u have a founder here know how to take an action against his stupid admins

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