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    You are at wrong website , forum. watch screenshots there is right forum address !
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    Important: If you are upset about one of the public channels, please contact an administrative member to solve the problem. We do not perceive any fee for permanent channels, grades on TeamSpeak or anything else related to TeamSpeak 3. If you are bothered by one person in private, you are asked to use the "Add To Block" function, no sanctions for insults or injuries in private. Do not treat an Administrative Member with contempt, otherwise sanctions will be applied. But if you are challenged, you have a proof (voicemail / screenshot or witness) for a potential complaint. Alien misconduct is strictly prohibited on this TeamSpeak3 server, otherwise harsh penalties will be imposed. [ex: Ban Permanent] General Regulations: Do not put music or voice recordings on a public channel. For loud / intimate discussions and / or music, use a private channel. Do not use obscene or offensive nicknames, pornographic avatars, or offensive descriptions. Advertising to other TeamSpeak3 or gaming communities in Romania is totally forbidden. The vulgar / offensive language of any kind is forbidden on public channels. Use of access between administrative members is strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to connect from more than 2 identities on the same ip, if you are connected from an internet room, we will know. The 'Record' function is forbidden on any type of channel, conversations on TeamSpeak3 are meant to be private. You can only use the "Record" command with the consent of an Administrative Member. The icon limit on the server is 4 in the "Server Groups" section and 1 in the "Channel Group" section. It is forbidden to use more than 1 badge per customer on this TeamSpeak server. Once you have an administrative level that belongs to Administrative Groups, you will not be able to have other functions besides it. [Ex Manager Server, Guard Public Servers, etc.] It is allowed to belong to a maximum of one Clan Group / Server Group. Grades belonging to Server Groups [Ex: CS, RESPAWN, etc.] may be offered by server owners only to those who have ADMIN on them on the server or the people they trust but on their own responsibility. If this rule is not met Server Group will be deleted. Permanent Channel Information: When creating a Permanent Channel, a single "Admin Canal" will be provided by the Administration, but if you want to add another 2 more people, but on your own responsibility. The name of a Permanent Channel must not start with a symbol or digit. Example: $ andu, A-NAME, 1.NUME, [name]. Channel name should NOT contain less than 3 characters. Example: z / wow / yo / QQQ / etc. For permanent channels, please create a new application after the model found in the TeamSpeak3 section. In fact, please keep in mind that any channel in the Permanent Channels section will be deleted for the following reasons: Lack of activity [Not using the channel for 3 days], violation of the rule by the owner. When creating a permanent channel, no more than 1 subchannel will be accepted. Complaints: For each complaint, a new topic will be made, the content of the name of the claimant being specified. Any new open complaint must have proof (sound recording or screenshot) for finding, otherwise the claim will be declared "Invalid". In every new open complaint, only the applicant, the complainant admin and the staff post. Otherwise you will be penalized. In a complaint addressed to a member of the GoldStars Administration, he will post another member of the Staff (ie, not the one complained). However, without a plausible proof, the word of an Administrator / Super Moderator or Moderator is a priority in any circumstances. Admin Rules: *Stay on the server only with the nick you have been awarded! *Only intervene when asked! *Do not enter other channels if you do not have permission from the channel admin! *You are not allowed to give Channel Group on various channels! *Do not channel to public servers unless there is a forum request and you have the consent of a TS3 Founder. Ban Time *Advertise to another community or other non-community server. - The maximum money allocated to the Administrative Group. *Curse / Jigniri on a public or private channel - Maximum 72 hours. [Depends on severity.] *Administrative Injury [Upon the election of the administrative member] *Avoidance of money, ban or censorship - Maximum 48 hours. *Banned data without proper resonance will be revoked without discussion. You are asked to use a Ban Reson for the reason. Administrative Sanctions If a community ADMINISTRATIVE member violates the regulation, a variable penalty / sanction will be decided according to the administrative decision. It is also added that, depending on the seriousness of the reason for the sanction, the temporary degree will be revoked until a final decision is taken. Administrator is the person who holds the following grades on our TeamSpeak3 platform: TS3 Administrator Administrator Super-Moderator Moderator Assistant and / or other grades that have permissions to control the teamspeak [kick / ban / create channel / etc] Note: Any request from a Channel Admin is treated as if it is the channel owner. We reserve the right to the current Regulation, plagiarism does not bother us.
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    Numele secțiunii » Off Topic Informații despre secțiunea respectivă » sa se faca o sectiune speciala pentru discutii libere, gen sa off-topic De ce credeți că ar fi folositoare această secțiune? » pentru ca persoanele sa poata comunitaca mai usor intre ele Unde ar trebui făcută secțiunea respectivă? » User Area..
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    Propunere respins. nu avem nevoie momentan.
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