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Multimedia reprezintă conținutul și media, ce folosesc o combinație a diferitelor forme de conținut, cum ar fi date vizuale, audio, text, formate lingvistice, etc. codificate. Multimedia include o combinație de text, audio, imagine, animație, video, sau forme de conținut interactive.


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    Anime (din cuvântul japonez アニメ anime, la rândul lui o abreviere a cuvântului englez animation, însemnând animație, pluralul corect fiind anime-uri) reprezintă orice film de animație produsă în Japonia sau originară din aceasta.

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    Music (from mousikē) is the art of combining notes in succession and simultaneously in a pleasant aesthetic form, the rhythmic organization of these notes and their integration into a complete work.

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    Film is the term used to designate, in a wider sense, the final product of the art and cinema industry.

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    A radio or TV series is a production often broadcast in prime time, which is based on the continuation of an intrigue that has gradually unfolded over several episodes in broadcasts broadcast on different dates.

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    A book is a collection of papers, parchments or other such materials, in the form of sheets or sheets most often equal to one another and linked or pocketed in a volume.

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    Fan Fiction

    Cuvântul provine din limba engleză și vine de la cuvintele "Fan" și "Fiction". Scriind un fanfic te pui in locul scriitorului și sunt povești inventate de tine sau inspirate din filme, seriale sau anime. 

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    An actor is a person who plays a role in dramatic production. The term is normally used for someone who plays in movies, theater, television or radio.

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