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      Administrative area

      News related to the forum, its projects and the community-owned servers; forum-related proposals; questions / issues related to your forum / server / account; and tutorials to make navigation easier on this forum.

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      User area

      Information about warnings & bans given, useful guides and tutorials, complaints to staff members and interactive contests organized by members of the Administration!

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      Server Support

      This category is dedicated to community-based servers, here you will get free support from your staff!

    4. GameTracker Clan   (336 visits to this link)



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      Design is an English word that pronounces [pron. di-zain] and which means project, drawing (conception), outline (conception). The use of the term in the field of free drawing (art) is forced and therefore not recommended.

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      Thematic Discussions & Socialization

      Discussions between community members about topics that do not fit in the other sections, questionnaires, curiosities, and daily news.

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      Gaming, Multimedia & Technology

      News, game tutorials, games and discussions about various issues appearing on a dedicated server or any other type of game; the latest songs, anime, movies and serials; tutorials, news, and more related to IT.

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